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Pioneering Precision and Safety in Gas Regulation

ESC Engineering Services Company

Our Founder: Peter Klock, P.E., Chief Engineer and CEO

Peter Klock founded ESC Engineering over 35 years ago with a vision to enhance mechanical engineering services within the energy management sector in the San Francisco Bay Area. Under his leadership, the company initially offered planning and specifications for major projects with clients such as Lockheed, Hewlett Packard, and El Camino Hospital, among approximately 100 others.


Evolution and Expansion

In the 1990s, ESC expanded its scope to include electrical contractor services, specializing in the maintenance of electric utility substations and customer power distribution systems. This diversification marked a significant milestone in our approach to comprehensive energy solutions.

Innovation in Natural Gas Pressure Regulation

About a decade ago, a pivotal request from PG&E led to a breakthrough in natural gas pressure regulator operations. ESC developed both manual and automated Regulator Testing Machines (ARTM), setting new standards for accuracy and safety in the industry. Following the success with PG&E, Southern California Gas also implemented our ARTM technology in their meter shops.


Continued Leadership and Innovation

By 2021, ESC's influence had reached numerous gas utilities across the U.S. and Canada. Our introduction of Internal Relief and Over Pressure Shut Off features on the RTMs underscored our commitment to safety and efficiency. These innovations ensure that gas pressure regulators are thoroughly tested and reliable, safeguarding customer safety at every level.


At ESC, our mission is clear: to provide industry-leading solutions that ensure precision and safety in gas regulation. We are dedicated to continuing our tradition of innovation, supporting our clients in achieving operational excellence and unmatched safety in gas utility management.

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Connect With Us

For a detailed consultation on how our RTM and virtual platforms can transform your utility's operations, contact us:

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